#TBT A visit to Stars Hollow

Last year we got a great gift. Gilmore Girls came back on Netflix and their publicity/PR team is second to none. They recreated the town of Stars Hollow in the middle of UCLA.

This was the invitation:


The second I saw the TVLine article I RSVP’d and got my friends to do it too. A few weeks later we drove up to LA and we ended up running a little late but surprisingly that ended up working in our favor.

We parked. We walked. And we saw this sign:


As if I wasn’t already super excited, this just was too much.

Then we got in line, which was a little longer than we would have liked. The invite said that they would only allow a certain number of people at a time and they would clear the town every 45 mins. We were next to these girls who were wearing shirts with Emily on them and we started talking about our love of the show. Out of nowhere this girl approaches us and asks us if “we are big fans of the show?” and proceeded to give us VIP tickets to the event. We sent two people to check the entrance out, to make sure the tickets were legit so we wouldn’t lose our spot in line.


Walking in...


It turned out that they were legit and not only did we get to go up to the front of the line. We were allowed inside 15 mins before official opening time and we got to stay as long as we wanted. The event ran until 6 pm. We went in at 10:45 am, we left to go get lunch but we came back and stayed until the very last-minute.


There was a Luke’s, a Stars Hollow Gazette, a Taylor’s Olde Fashioned Soda Shoppee, a Kirk’s button empire, a Kim’s Antiques and the Stars Hollow Post Office.

At “Luke’s” you got coffee in cool cups with quotes from the show and iced coffee in clear cups, both with an amazing Luke’s sleeve.

At the “Stars Hollow Gazette” they had a photobooth. You could take pictures with signs about the show and choose which season you wanted your picture set in.

At “Taylor’s” you got free olde fashioned candy.

I feel the need to say that I am not,  and will never, ever be Team Dean.


At “Kirk’s” you got different buttons with quotes or things pertaining to the show. They would only give you one in the beginning and when they were giving out what they had left they didn’t have enough of all. They had a Team Jess but that was the first one they ran out of.




At “Kim’s Antiques” they had some furniture and the two paintings from the Gilmore’s house.

And at the “Stars Hollow Post Office” you could send postcards to your friends and family.


Halfway through the event it started raining so we got to take photos with it being sunny and others foggy. It felt like we got to spend every season in Stars Hollow.

It was so much fun to get to visit Stars Hollow, a dream come true of sorts.

I could write an entire post on my love for Gilmore Girls, my favorite episodes, my least favorite characters, my unpopular love for one particular character and my thoughts on the revival. So I’ll leave it with this…

What are some of your favorite episodes? Who are your least favorite characters? Do you love anyone that every other fan seems to hate?

I’m not ready to ask what you thought of the revival. Except…

do you objectively want more?





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