I’ve always wanted to do it. I often find myself in situations where I wonder ‘how did I get here?’ or ‘what is my life?’ so I often think I should write about them. Other than to share with the world, so I don’t forget. I will write about events I go to (or I’ve been to), vacations I go to (or I’ve been on) and shows I see (or have seen).
I have a pretty awful memory, as in I’ll remember EVERY. LYRIC. TO. EVERY. SONG. but don’t ask me the plot of the book I read a month ago.

I’m also unemployed so I’m hoping this gives me a sense of purpose and/or something to do.

I got the title from my favorite Broadway musical “The Bridges of Madison County.” Still trying to decide if I’m keeping it since it doesn’t really tell you what my blog is about.

I know .0023% about Star Wars but I felt like ending with “Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re My Only Hope” as I sail into uncharted territory. I know nothing about Star Wars, I’ve watched 3.5 (Rogue One) & 4 (1).




(That’s my dog Junior on the photo)




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